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Many Ways to pay your rent:

  • Through your RENT Manager Portal, via Zego (Suggested)

This new payment system is linked to your electronic tenant file and will automatically import your digital charges and keep a record of all transactions related to your account. You can also view any leasing documents associated with your account on this dashboard. They accept bank payments, credit/ debit card and cash payments. New tenants will receive an email to sign-up to the address we have on file. Current tenants can use the link or QR code below to start setting up their portal. Please refer to your previous monthly statement to find your Account Number. Listed below are the convenience fees that will apply depending on your  chosen payment method.

    1. Bank Transfers / ACH–  Free of charge. (Landlord covers 100% of the fee)
    2. Credit Cards–  3.5%  processing fee.
    3. Debit Cards-$6.95 fixed fee per debit transaction.

For assistance getting started, please see the FAQs below:

Instructions for setting up your Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal have been sent to all tenants to the email on file. You can set up your portal at any time using the resources below. For any questions or concerns please contact Gdelosreyes@Waldmangroup.com.

You can click here to be redirected to the portal or use the QR code below. 

Click the ‘Sign Up’ option at the very bottom ,under the ‘Login’ button. Here, any tenant who has an email on file will be able to set up a portal. You will also be prompted to enter you Account Number, this can be found on any of your past statements. You may also download the Rent Manager Mobile Application for ease of use. When registering on your mobile phone you will be prompted to enter a company code. The company code for all our tenants is ‘Waldman’.

Once logged into your Rent Manager TWA portal simply click on the ‘Make Payment’ button in the center of the dashboard to view and pay your open charges.


Alternatively you can click on the tab above that says ‘Make Payment’. Here you will see all open charges and can either pay in full or type in the partial amount you would like to pay.

Please print or screenshot your payment confirmation for your own records. All your transactions can also be found in the ‘All Transactions’ tab. 

Once logged into your Rent Manager TWA portal click on the top right corner on the Tenant name.

In the drop down menu select ‘Payment Settings, Saved Payment Info and AutoPay.’  On the left hand side fill out your preferred payment method. Then, on the right hand side, under ‘AutoPayments,’ click the checkbox that reads “Enable your Autopayment.” Now you will be able to schedule a one-time or recurring payment. You will be able to choose your preferred method, the date, and frequency. And you will be able to choose if the monthly payment will be for the entire balance or a particular amount. Click ‘Save’ at the end to complete the process.



  • Alternatively, you can pay Through your bank
    1. Bill Pay– Set up your rent payment through your bank’s bill pay system. Be sure to use your correct Payee (the property owner), our mailing address, and note the address of the unit you are paying for.
    2. ACH Payment– Set up ACH payments through your bank. Contact them for details (might have a small fee)
    3. CHECK– Write a check to your Payee and mail it to our mailing address (listed above in the right hand widgets.) Please include the unit you are paying for and account for the transit time, roughly 5 business days.

For assistance paying your rent please contact:


Office: (415) 922-2224 x107

Email: Grace@WaldmanGroup.com

For help accessing your account or technical difficulties please contact:


Office: (415) 922-2224 x108

Email: BBayley@WaldmanGroup.com


 Your Payee (Property Owner/ Lessor Name)

855 Marina Bay Pkwy

Suite 200

Richmond, CA 94804

Please note the unit you are paying for

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