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  1. Sign your Lease and make your security deposit and rent payment
  2. Put appropriate utilities in your name
  3. Provide certificate of insurance (needed for ALL commercial leases and some residential)
  4. Schedule walkthrough with Sally Brown or Resident Manager for Lease Commencement Date to ensure everything is in order
  5. Complete Move-In form (residential tenants only)
  6. Acquire keys to unit/building and any remote controls for parking and keys for mailbox, if applicable



If tenancy is month-to-month or Lease has ended:
  1. Provide written notice to WMG at least 30 days prior to proposed move-out date (email is fine)
  2. Schedule Initial Inspection, if desired, with Sally Brown or Resident Manager two to three weeks prior to proposed move-out in order to determine what items, if any, will be deducted from your Security Deposit and to provide you with the opportunity to address those issues and prevent the deductions
  3. Schedule Final Inspection with Sally Brown or Resident Manager on final day of tenancy. (Please note that we will expect the space to be professionally cleaned, including windows, window coverings, floors, carpet, walls, ceiling, kitchen, all kitchen appliances, bathroom, all rooms, doors and closets. Warehouse and/or parking spot should be broom clean. Any holes in walls should be patched, and all light bulbs should be in working order. These items should be taken care of BEFORE your final walk through.)
  4. Return all keys to unit/building, as well as any remote controls for parking and keys for mailbox, if applicable
  5. Provide forwarding address for Security Deposit
  6. Security Deposit refund will be mailed to you, less any deductions, if any, within the time frame stated in your lease, typically within 21 days or sooner
If you are hoping to end your tenancy early, while your Lease is still in effect, please contact Jen Bremer to discuss your obligations and how an early exit might play out.

For building questions or to schedule an inspection, please contact:


Mobile: (415) 524-5950

Email: SBrown@WaldmanGroup.com

To schedule a Lease signing or to provide notice of Lease termination, please contact:


Mobile: (415) 317-4292

Email: JBremer@WaldmanGroup.com

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